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  • Life without today´s energy



    This project wants to demonstrate life without certain sources of energy in everyday life and will be a non formal way of providing education in an innovative way. The objective is to collect participants´ ideas during the training and how to include innovative renewable sources of energy in our everyday use. Under the EU, lots of environmentally-friendly projects were already created, however it is always not enough, as the radical change has not come yet. The main idea of this project is the promotion of environmental topics in connection with national points of view of individuals and working in teams. It will move theoretical thinking into the practical level, when participants can show ways of using renewable energy resources in their homes and share examples between the participants.

    During the training they will have to think, which resources are available at the maximal level in their home and so they can be used effectively and economically. Participants would also be engaging in volunteering in this area. To avoid making the training project similar with others, the idea behind this project is that it would create an original concept, composing of activities, trainings, debates, games and morning energizers. One of the conditions of participating in this training will be bringing an open mind on the green policy and energy resources situation in our country. The participants would have to collect information about the energy self-sufficiency, possibilities to develop renewable sources of energy and the existing risks, which can cause the energy crisis.

    The trainings will take place in 3 localities namely- Kalkara, Mosta and Gharb in Gozo. They will be organised in October 2012 Malta, November 2012 Gozo and November 2012 Malta

    There will be 3 training courses over 3 days each and during the training the participants who would be youths would be able to participate in non formal active participation debates, training, exercises and finally create some innovative ideas which will be displayed for the general public.

    Key activities:

      Day 1: Over view of the environment situation

      Day 2: Environment-friendly technologies and renewable sources

      Day 3: “Environmentally-conscious society”

    This call for proposals is being issued by the Voluntary Organisations Fund under the Small Initiatives Support hereinafter referred to as ‘Small Initiatives Support
    Scheme’ or ‘SIS’.