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    The site is located in the village of Kalkara which lies on the south-eastern side of the Grand harbors’, clustered along the shore of Kalkara Creek. The Nature park is creating a green belt in an otherwise built area.

    The objectives of proposing an environment project are to make acces to Eco Natur park to everyone irrespective of social, personal or economic background, to share gained sustainable methods and tools used in organic farming, to develop or improve competence of volunteers, to get them involved in local community , to involve them in participation on ongoing projects and through the innovative and creative ideas of volunteers ellaborate on futher ecological  and environmelntal projects.

    The main idea behind the proposed project is to involve unempoyed young people as volunteers who are coming from Program Countries as well as Neighbouring countries to share their gained experinces and knowledge.

    The implemented activities of the project will be devided in three following actions:

    1. Working in the Eco Nature Reserves
    2. Working on Environmental and Ecological Education
    3. Office and Administration work

    Project will lead up to 24 months and the number of the volunteers will be 3 per 3 or 4 months.

    Methods used in implemantation would be non- formal and formal education, where a number of practical workshops and trainings will be organized for volunteers to understand ecological and sustainable ways of farming, to recognise types of plants and animals held in Eco Nature Park.

    Project runs for 2 years in period 2012 -2014 and is funded by EUPA National Agency  under Youth in Action Programme.

    NEWS: Help us to gather more information through filling in our short survey 2014! Thank you!