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EU Consultancy & media

Project management

GRF prides itself that it is one of the leading project management organisations on the island and beyond, handling projects which are diverse from Communication, Media, Film production, management, research, development of public spaces, hotel improvements, sustainability projects, training and evaluation and producing ideas for new ventures and business opportunities both in Malta and abroad.

Funding unit of Genista Research Foundation is run by a board of directors with each one of them bringing in a specialised field namely International trade, Marketing, Environmental studies, Biodiversity, Business administration, Finance studies, Public administration and European studies. We provide consultancy work on Sustainable development, Alternative Energy, Environmental, Agricultural, Tourism and European affairs, Media & Public relations, Design & Printing, ICT & Web Design and Project management, organisation of conferences and events, translation services, in house training, impact assessments, training sessions and product launches. Through our network of professional staff, which undergoes continuous training on new state of the art methodologies and creativeness, we also provide Company profile development, Project coordination, Project management and Financial project management.

Our organisation offers a unique 1 stop shop for enterprises, NGO’s and local councils a variety of consultancy work ranging from opening a new SME, company management, project management, communications management, WEB and ITC development, communications and company promotion, conference and seminar co-ordination, EU funding, ECO sustainability/certification and tourism project management. For the past 5 years we have successfully managed a number of projects in various areas namely:Tourisim projects for various hotels, tour operators, multipurpose conference facilities, rural tourism planning, historical tourisim projects and english language tourism for local councils, NGO’s and SME’s. With a successful track record of having 21 approved projects as applicant and coordinator: Partnered in 61 approved projects and as project writer and project manager in 24 approved projects

Education & Training service:

Genista foundation is a Registered centre of Informal Education with the Malta Qualifications council providing training on sustainable development, organic farming, media, communication, EU affairs and intercultural dialogue working both in Malta and in various other EU and Non EU countries, coordinating and provding training in Palestine, Spain, Poland, Turkey, Slovakia, Tunisia, Italy, Norway, France,  etc.

GRF manages and runs the Genista nature reserve which is based in the valley of Rinella Kalkara where it has transformed an abondened valley into an ecological park, where organic produce and endemic trees are cultivated, we also host interns and EVS volonteers following the approval of an EU youth in action project in 2012 with an accreditation No: 2011-MT-13.

Europe Direct Mosta

Following the award to GRF to manage for 4 years the Europe Direct office in Mosta following the award of a contract by the European Commission Directorate General communications to provide information to the Maltese public concerning EU issues and to organize activities related to the European Commission, offering advice, information etc both to the Maltese public, SME’s, NGO’s and also to European citizens who require information about Malta. The Genista EDO formed part of the 560 offices of the European commission around the 27 member states and offerd a direct link and opportunities between all the offices to communicate and find suitable partners for any type of project being applied for.


This led to a number of media projects where we coordinated training on documentary film production in Ramallah Palestine and producing 4 films; the creation of a Web TV with Italian, Spanish and Albanian partners; organising training on Film production, Editing and dissemination.

We also produced, edited a number of short films for various projects, written and produced information publicity material,  booklets, book and other information material.