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  • Daphne III


    Daphne III - GA _JUST_2001_DAP_AG_3255

    (as management for FOSTER foundation)

    To convey prevention procedures, to increase dissemination of correct behaviour and exstablished good European practices related to the correct social network use in youth aged 10-17 : these are the IOR targets. The project aims to structure sensitivity activities geared towards this specific vulnerable group mostly using the same communication channels which could become the main tools for delivering actions of violence. A coordinated campaign targeting young people and involving all 27 EU member states will be devised to:

    - produce and diffuse a short animated video;

    - create and animate over 12 months pages/accounts /profiles on the most famous social networks (You tube, Twitter, Facebook etc) using national languages and covering all 27-EU member States

    - dissemiante project results (ongoing and final) in national and international public contexts, such as subject-related meetings and "traditional" media (television, radio, newpapers, magazines) and also using attractive and poignant testimonials able to directly influence the youth target. 

    The results, realised at national level by all the partners involved, will be collected in a country-report as well as in a comprehensive EU document treating of: approaches, habits, arising subejcts and social network modality use also in terms of risk prevention, as it emerges in the costant animation of the social network pages.

    Indeed, the work on social media will be based upon the collection and integration of already existing topic-related material, the creation of networks of players active among the youth and in social network fields and, above all, the structuring of direct dialogue between social operators and young people aimed at diffusing information but also at receving input on behaviour patterns. It will thus be a two-way approach capable to puntualize the comprehension of a social network behaviour pattern in youth aged 10-17 as well as an intense youth violence prevention campaign via the social networks.   

    However the short video will be capitalized upon in different ways. Based solely upon images it is devised to reach families when shown on television and to address youth and field professionals when published in the social media. It will also be disseminated during important events and in places of highbened visibility and transit (station, airport etc.)

    A multiprofessional team composed of competent professionals in education, pedagogy, medicine, sociology and multimedia languages will determine the messages to be diffused via the social web pages, will offer consultation to project partners and scientifically supervise production of the short video.

    The project is it to be realised by a partnership composed of 27 organisations: the lead partner followed by  one organisation for each of the 27 EU member states with the exception of Luxembourg (its territory will be covered by the french and the belgian partners).