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    SHARE CULTURE! TV brings together leading cultural organizations in video-filming and performing arts from Italy, Spain, Malta and Albania, researching new modes of artistic and cultural communication and inviting Europeans to think deeply about how we share and navigate daily culture.

    The driving research elements behind SHARE CULTURE! TV seek to discover how we can document and what we can share to reveal the underlying mechanics of human art in public and private spaces and communicating an essential part of what it is happening in each specific country involved in the project, and beyond.

    The SHARE CULTURE project explores two streams: synthesizing the different national cultural approaches into an inter-media and interactive web tv platform and simultaneously developing narrative structures which can stimulate other users to share their point of view about culture.

    Supported by European Commission, SHARE CULTURE! TV will be presented in Spring 2013 in Valletta (Malta) and Trento (Italy). The project will be produced throughout 2013 and 2014.

    The main role of Genista Research Foundation is to provide dissemination and communication within the project framework and organizing two workshops where young artists, citizens, journalists and other related peers would be present to share the culture from various point of views.

    NEXT WORKSHOP in Malta is held on 9th till 13th September!!!


    „It's important that someone celebrate our existence... People are the only mirror we have to see ourselves in. The domain of all meaning.  All virtue, all evil, are contained only in people. There is none in the universe at large. Solitary confinement is a punishment in every human culture. “

    (Lois McMaster Bujold, "Mirror Dance", 1994)


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