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  • World Island Shake

    Begins the first international meeting of

    a global project about employability created by islander youth

    World Island Shake (WISh) is a worldwide project coordinated by the youth of the Federation of Scouts of Tenerife. This initiative has been approved and 80 % co - funded by “Youth in Action” programme of the European Commission. The project brings together young people of Iceland, Malta, Solomon Islands , Indonesia , Santa Lucia and the Canary Islands (Spain).

    Starting by the 10th of March 12 islander participants worldwide will have their first international meeting in Tenerife, the Canary Islands. During 10 days they will take part in a Training Course and a Study Visit denominated “Participation - Creativity – Employability”.

                Note that the Executive Agency of the Youth in Action programme (Brussels, Belgium) annually approves less than 40 such projects, the competition has been tough and therefore our responsibility to create a sustainable network of young islanders is extremely high.

                The WISh aims to answer two common problems of island youth: low youth participation and high unemployment . As its name suggests, the participants are shaken through discussion, experience sharing, creating and promoting youth initiatives, such as European Voluntary Service opportunities.


    For more information follow a facebook page of the project and a website


    MULTUPLIER TRAINING IN OUR OFFICE 2nd APRIL 2014 from 13:00 till 20:00. Register on 99600995 by 29th March 2014