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  • Objectives are:

    • To promote and work in the fields of ITC, research and development.
    • To promote the arts and culture.
    • To promote sports.
    • To promote intercultural, intergeneration dialogues and education.
    • To provide non-formal education.
    • To be active in communication technologies and media.
    • To promote policies that achieve social inclusion for all marginalised societal sectors in various fields such as poverty, anti  discrimination and equal opportunities fields
    • To promote all initiatives that militate towards the promotion and implementation of projects of an innovative nature, irrespective of its life cycle stage, that add economic value and lead to development in societies in general
    • To promote policies and projects that seek advancement, research in new technologies or in alternative uses of existing technologies and applications;
    • To bridge gaps between geographical areas having differing levels of socio-economic development in order to ensure a more level playing field in the European Union and elsewhere
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